Building Repeatable Business:

Marketing for your existing customers

Live Webinar · Wednesday, March 17th · 2pm ET


Most marketing plans really focus on getting that next big customer or client, or ways to grow a customer list. It is, of course, important to bring in new customers, but it’s a mistake to put all your focus on those things, especially if your efforts mean you ignore your current or previous customers. Join Stephanie Redcross West in this webinar to learn how (and why) to create services and support for your previous and current customers to fuel amazing sales in your business.

We’ll focus on:

  • The benefits of creating refresher and advanced training for people who already love you
  • How to set up your product/service offerings to build on one another
  • How to approach a previous customer with something new
  • How to keep a current customer happy, turning them into a loyal fan

There’s lots to learn, and we hope you’ll join us for this important and potentially business-changing webinar!

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