Vegan Mainstream presents Webinars Wednesdays for budding and experienced vegan professionals. These free online events are held monthly and hosted by our Founder, Managing Director and Head Marketing Guru Stephanie Redcross. With years of experience as a business coach and vegan entrepreneur, in these sessions Stephanie shares advice on key business and marketing tips for success. These webinars cover important topics like goal-setting, understanding sales cycles, business relationships, holiday planning and more


Staying focused, getting organized and good time management for smoother business success


October 19, 2016
 7pm ET/ 4pm PT

Webinar Presented By Stephanie Redcross

SRBio_Front_BlackBackStephanie Redcross founded Vegan Mainstream, a Florida-based marketing company, in 2009. Stephanie has over two decades of marketing experience with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Passionate about living and advocating a vegan lifestyle for health, environmental, and ethical reasons, Stephanie has made it her life mission to help like-minded entrepreneurs, bloggers and small- to mid-sized companies reach and exceed their goals. She also hopes to encourage all businesses to consider both the marketing viability and ethical importance of shifting to veg-friendly products and services.