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Coaching Gold: Key tips for getting more clients and extending your reach beyond your dreams 

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019 

2pm ET | 11am PT

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You could be the best coach in the world, but if no one knows that you exist, you will continue to have a limited ability to make the changes in the world that you want and need to make. In this webinar you will learn strategies for finding opportunities inside and outside the vegan community, to expand your reach, extend your message, and turn on the revenue faucet that will help YOU help even more people.


  • How to make sure the world knows you’re an expert 
  • 3 ways to find clients
  • How to use Facebook ads to book more clients
  • Which booking and scheduling tools to use for best results
  • How to build a sales page that rocks 

Presented By: Stephanie Redcross-West

Stephanie Redcross-West started Vegan Mainstream based on a simple idea: to build a pro-vegan world, we need a solid infrastructure of successful businesses and brands to ensure that an ethical lifestyle is accessible to everyone, everywhere. With this in mind, in 2009, Stephanie started developing tools, training and support for the brave individuals who identify themselves as Vegan Professionals. She was well-equipped to do this, with more than 15 years of marketing experience with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.  

Since then Stephanie has been a frequent speaker at vegfest, conferences and even her own bootcamp series. Through these types of engagements, and her day-to-day work with Vegan Mainstream, which includes 1-1 consulting as well as online and team-training programs, Stephanie inspires others to turn their vegan passion into successful businesses. 

Stephanie Redcross West